How To Make Userscripts for Orkut Work in Google Chrome?

Many have moved to Google Chrome, the new web browser by Google from Firefox. Though some may like the neat, clean and light interface of Google Chrome, orkut users will avoid using it for orkutting since they cannot use their favorite greasemonkey scripts in Google Chrome.

Well, if you were skipping chrome for the same reason then I have some good news for you and bad news for Firefox. We now have a way out to use Greasemonkey Scripts with Google Chrome.

Making Userscripts Work With Google Chrome
  • Get yourself Google Chrome.
  • Now download a simple addon for chrome – Greasemetal (?)
  • Once you install Greasemetal, launch the application.

  • This should open Google Chrome Browser with the ability to add Greasemonkey Scripts.
  • Now open your Documents folder. You will notice a folder named ‘userjs’
  • Paste all your userscripts which you want to be activated in that folder.
  • Now, open orkut and see the difference ;)

Some of the userscripts may not work because Greasemetal sill has a few limitations and lacks support for some functions.

Thanks TechZilo

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  10 Comments on this Article.

  1. Sumesh says:

    Thanks for the link :)

    And Greasemonkey support is coming to Chrome soon, so that’s one problem less. And Aaron Bodman (who wrote Greasemonkey) now works for Chrome team at Google.

  2. Web Talk says:

    Nice trick. It is always nice to know there is somebody thinking about us Orkuters!!LOL!! Thanks!

  3. movie buff says:

    it’s funny, the more i use Chrome, the more unstable it seems to get… crashes a lot more, can’t handle sites with flash, hangs every time i close a tab… all that to say, i’m switching back to Firefox

  4. Yes..always gud news for orkutters..

    chrome is gud at speed than firefox so i shifted frm firefox to chrome and was sad becouse my GM sig script and the new WYSIWYG scrap formatter(orkutplus) was also unavailable any way thanx..

  5. Shreyas says:

    Orkut Plus does the magic again ;)

  6. gautam says:

    Thanks for the comments :-)

  7. [i]hey..

    the WYSIWYG scrap editor not working..

    in chrome..

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  9. 丂c۞尺アノ۞刀 乃۞リ says:

    a single script is not working in mine..

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