Make Money From Orkut – Use YouNews Orkut Application

YouNews is yet another digg clone where members can bookmark and share interesting links. Interestingly, they have an orkut application which is a good idea to gain popularity quickly and reaching masses on orkut. Interestingly, YouNews offers revenue sharing with it’s users which may attract youth on orkut.

I have my reservations on this application though. Let us discuss them.

YouNews Orkut Application

Those who are interested in the concept of YouNews and Earning revenue can install YouNews Orkut Application. You will need to register with YouNews. You should browse the application to find more about how stuff works.

Though such applications provide you with an opportunity of making money, but I am really disappointed with the quality of such orkut applications who aim to solely advertise the website. Orkut moderators who approve such applications should take a strict stand and filter and maintain the quality of incoming orkut applications. Do you agree?

Recommendation – In case you are not interested in making money and desire higher quality Indian Digg Clone, you should consider using Indianpad

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  1. zazo says:

    Hey, Thats sounds interesting Gaurav, I am sure this new application will attract many orkut users. After all, who dont want to earn? and thats so easily! :p

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