More From USA Log in To Orkut. India Slips to 3rd.

Google would have taken a sigh of relief. United States is now the second largest Orkut Using Country which just jumped ahead of India. Orkut has been criticized and termed as a failure in the US.

I am sure these are growing signs since orkutting in India seems to be catching up more and more amongst youths. So i do not see if there were Indian drop-outs from Orkut rather a positive sign that more Amerians are looking towards orkut.

Here is the latest orkut demographics report


You can check orkut demographics anytime by checking Orkut Demographics Page and stay updated with recent orkut trends.

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  3 Comments on this Article.

  1. VivekM says:

    I’m sure most of US demographic contribution actually comes from US based Indians.

    Moreover, there’s no sigh of relief — because orkut is still a failure in US. Compare facebook, myspace and orkut in US to get a clearer picture

  2. Saurabh A.K.A. James says:

    100% agreed with Vivek.

  3. gautam says:

    1) All fake makers stopped working so less indian profiles.

    2) Indians changed their country to US to make orkut dot com and not dot co dot in.. dont know why…

    3) agreed with vivek’s point

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