Orkut Brazil Warns Users Against Political Showdown Ahead of Upcoming Elections

Orkut-Brazil has issued an open warning to all orkut users in Brazil with respect to the Upcoming Elections in the Country. They have strictly advised users against political advertising campaigns on orkut at the same time strictly warning them against the use of Display Images of the candidate or even use the name of the candidate.

Orkut-Brazil announced these limitations in the shadow of Brazilian law which allows political discussions, but it does not allow political propaganda on orkut.

Orkut-Brazil Official Announcement

Although Brazilian law allows political discussions, it does not allow political propaganda on orkut.: The law requires withdraw your profile or community when we know the following activities:

  • Advertising directly to the profile: you can not show the number or the name of the candidate on his profile as this is considered an invitation to vote on it.
  • Photos of profiles and albums that are simply banners of candidates.
  • Communities that are a call to vote for a candidate.

It is possible that we will be aware of other activities considered as political propaganda by Brazilian law. There are also exceptions to that rule in a few Brazilian states and in such cases, we can not remove the content.

IMO, Orkut India should issue a similar warning openly. We have seen youths getting arrested because they commented on xyz politician. If Google will follow the tell-all policy, then they should make it clear to the masses. That would keep the kids in control which can help check their flowing emotions and opinions.

I hope you are listening to this…

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