Orkut Theme Generator – Create Your Own Themes in a Single Click

Update – Use This Link

Yes! Orkut Theme Generator is the next addition to our already popular Orkut Toolkit. As the title clearly suggests, this tool will allow you to create orkut themes in a single click. Moreover, we will be hosting the script ‘free’ for all of you on our fast and reliable servers :)

The main reason behind creating our own orkut theme tool was because the website which hosted the tool for creating orkut themes (nbfun) seems to be down and I needed the tool for my other site too (HTMLorkut).

Creating Your Own Orkut Themes
  • Navigate to the Orkut Theme Creator Page
  • Now Enter a valid image link.
  • Note – Images with dimensions above 800px width and height give best results

  • Now enter the desired name you want the theme to be stored on.
  • Choose create theme, and Done!
  • Now, you’ll be taken to the second page where you’ll get the download or installation link for your orkut theme.

  • If you face any problem, our help guides will solve your problem.

You can also check all other tools in our orkut toolkit and wait for many more in queue.

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  1. @carlinho: What? I am not able to Understand!

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  3. Aparna says:

    I have installed g…monkey. when i creating my own theme, duplicate name………itz cuming plz help me out!!

  4. sanjana says:

    first i entered one address of an image link in column 1 , then i entered my id in 2nd column (user script file name), then i clicked on the create theme option .. then a new page opened which displayed some links… i dint copy that , n closed the page,.. i thought that the theme is created… but was not created.. as i’m trying again & again , this is what is being displayed

    “Duplicate File Name!
    This name for the theme already exists. Please go back and choose another file name.”

    what shall i do???

  5. sanket says:

    nice concept
    i too created a theme, installed it
    but can get further.
    i mean i can ‘t use it

  6. faraz says:

    i made it wit my pic frm ripway, but frens cannot see this theme

  7. nicky says:

    it shows error loading userscripts 404 not found wht does it mean plz help

  8. ravinder says:

    i have created my snap s themes these are looking too hot yaar

    if anyone need help pls contact me


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