5 Easy Ways to Save Images from Orkut Albums

Orkut recently introduced a new feature which disabled users from saving images or pictures from orkut albums.

Today we are sharing 5 very simple and handy ways to save images from orkut albums.

Saving Images from Orkut Albums

There are various methods to save images in orkut albums. These have been listed below. Please note that you should not misuse these tricks else you can land up in jail – Yes! Google will bare it all.

Method 1 – Download The Complete Page (Thanks Ellisys)

Yes! this is the simplest option you should consider if you are not willing to take any pain of trying off track tricks.

  • Just navigate to the album picture page.
  • Right click out side the picture area.
  • Choose save page as option on your desk.

  • You will notice a folder will be saved along with the page.
  • This folder will have your desired Album Image. :P
Method 2 – Firefox Page info-Media Trick (Thanks Techpavan)
  • If you are using Firefox, navigate to the tools section in the top menu.
  • Choose the Page Info Section.

  • In the page info window, choose media section.
  • Now search for the album image. (images.orkut.com)
  • Now choose save as and store wherever you want ;)
Method 3 – Throw and Save (Thanks Devilsworkshop)

  • This method works like charm in the latest version of Firefox.
  • You just need to drag and throw the album image to the browser address bar.

  • Image url will be loaded and the album image will be displayed with right click enabled.
  • Download and enjoy :)
Method 4 – Javascript Snippet (Thanks Mr Nobody)
  • Navigate to this Page
  • Run this code in the album page.
  • You would be redirected to a page which will enable you to right click on the images.
Method 5 – Screen Capture Programs

You can use any screen capture programs like snagit to save screenshots of album pages and later on corp them. Print Screen option still rocks. But I don’t think you would want to take the pain of downloading any softwares when you have 4 other tricks mentioned above at your disposal.

Again, there are many addons for Firefox to save images. If you have any other trick to share, do let us know :)

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  1. drwiz says:

    Just a modification of method 3, just drag it outside to ur desktop or whatever folder u want….easy as ever ain’t it?

  2. justin says:

    @tj: thks budy

  3. hart says:

    just click and select that pic and then press shortcut ctrl+C for copy that pic, then open a microsoft office ppt blank slide and right click now paste that pic,which is direct loaded from server.Now pic is shown on the slide, again righr click showed you a option
    save as picture… (below the hyperlink).So save that pic in a suitable formet ,where you want.

  4. Sushant says:

    Thanks! It worked.

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