Warning – Your Orkut Profile Can Make or Break Your Career

Latest survey undertaken by Career Builder shows that over 20% of employers in the U.S. use social networking sites to help hire potential future employees.

According to Carrier Builder Study, hiring managers they spoke to used popular social networking sites like orkut, facebook to check up on future potential employees.

Interestingly, these managers frequently drop the potential employees from their list because of what they saw on their profiles.

So don’t create a chill out orkut profile next time. Be sober and classy. Who know’s, your future Boss may be spying on your habits already :P

via dBtechno

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  4 Comments on this Article.

  1. Sam says:

    please check the spelling of your title.

  2. Gaurav Dua says:

    Gees! Thanks for notifying. That was a horrible mistake. I guess I got too carried away with the “carrier” word I use everyday in my optics class :P

  3. Angi says:

    I’m sorry, but if my bosses need to want my orkut profile to be ‘sober and classy’ to employ me, then I don’t need that kind of job. Orkut is one of the only places where I am free and am myself.

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