Community Backupmate – Create Backup of Your Community Topics

Well, Our coder Gautam is doing an excellent job bringing some cool apps to you at the same time experimenting new dimensions which take him a step above rest. Thanks to him we have our very popular and growing orkut toolkit with fantastic and new apps.

Today we are adding a very unique tool which is made public for the first time – Community Backupmate. This tool will allow you to create backup of your community topics and allow you to save them so that interesting and important topics which your members shared with you do not bite the dust if an hacker hacks and deletes your community.

This software is still in experimenting stages so we as of now only allow first page of community topics to be saved. I am sure not many communities have more than one page of topics. Anyways, we will be adding ability to backup all pages of topics in your community very soon. This tool will enlist the first post of each topic so that you don’t loose the heart of the topic if ever your community is deleted or a moderator turns bad.

Community Backupmate

  • In step 3, enter your community ID. Community ID is the last part of the community link as in


  • Here, 25675519 is the community ID.
  • Now choose create backup to go to the next step.

  • On the next page, you’ll see the first posts of all the topics in your community,
  • You can either view them as plain text or download the backup.
  • That’s all. Save a backup to your hard disk and relax :)

Note – For security issues, some modifications will automatically be implemented in javascripts and iframe codes if used in the community topics. Also see other interesting tools in our Orkut Toolkit.

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