Multiple Orkut Themes Generator – Create Unlimited Themes in Single Click

Our Orkut Theme Generator Has been a big hit with our audience with over a 10000 Orkut themes already created. I can understand it may be a bit of hard work for those who run websites or orkut communities dedicated to orkut themes and wish to create multiple themes in a go. Well, I am here to answer your wish and announce the release of Multiple Orkut Themes Generator.

Yes! Multi Orkut Theme Generator is the next tool in Our Orkut Toolkit. This tool will allow you to create multiple themes in a single click and two new features have been introduced in this version:

  • Themes will auto re-size to fit in your browser
  • You have an option to Preview the Themes without even installing them.

Multi Orkut Theme Generator

  • Navigate to Multi Orkut Theme Generator
  • Follow the instructions and Done :P
  • PS – We store your themes, so link them where ever you want without the need of re-uploading them anywhere else :P
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  1. jose matos says:

    Gostei muito de ter colocado o fundo no meu orkut.!!
    Antes não acredetei!
    mais valeu a pena, bom mebate um pouco mais comsegue.

  2. ilma says:

    Será que alguem pode passar os passos mais claros pois não entendi nadica de nada.

  3. Radamantys says:

    SDGSFGASFHASF chapundiforion nao entendi bulhufas de nektrofibras essa porra nao tem tec. sap ?

  4. yusuf says:

    hello sir,

    i cant create a theme, please specify how to enter image links and user desire script..

    what i have to enter in second box

    there’s a problem with image links, computer say “ur name of number not competeble” so what is this?

    please help

  5. vinit pathak says:

    i have created my orkut theme. Please tell me
    how can i apply this theme on my orkut profile

    please help me

  6. Blady says:

    Its very nice application but when upload some theme the profile image and the videos disappearing

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