Inappropriate Orkut Profiles To Verify Their Account With SMS Verification

Orkut has introduced a new security feature which insists unidentified profiles who indulge in mass automation techniques, inappropriate contents, or any other type of abuse to verify their identity using SMS Verification.

This is a great feature which will give a solid blow to unethical profiles since they’ll get on the backfoot knowing orkut will get a way to identify them if they opt for sms verification.

Users who visit such profiles will get a caution message whenever they navigate to see profiles of any person who has come under orkut’s scanner. I am sure this has something to do with the Inappropriate Content Filter which orkut introduced a couple of weeks back.

Those who are getting the message of SMS Verification should follow these simple steps to verify their orkut account.

  • Enter your phone number in the dialog box and click ‘verify’.
  • You should receive an SMS message with a verification code.
  • Enter the verification code in the dialog box on orkut and click ‘send’.
  • Done!

Also make sure you are aware of all the new features orkut has introduced lately.

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  5 Comments on this Article.

  1. This is really bad thing… First thing is sms is introduced only in India and Brazil. And in India, not all users have mobile phones. Also, land lines are not sms supported.

    And I fear about our orkutfeeds bot, if it is going to survive now :!:

  2. eu orkut olho td bem abração love ta?
    dias td bem…
    fala vai com elas nós muito td bem…
    abração blzaaa..

  3. A little late to the game here. ;-)

    I am not too sure how users in India may react to this (there would be protests in the US over this, not to mention boycotts).

    Is this only appearing on Indian profiles?

  4. iqbal says:

    hi friends

    i have enter my number but no sms come from orkut
    i enter many time so its says no u have genrated many code so try alter and m tring for first and after 4 days the prob is same what i do to verify my profile

  5. [...] which orkut is somewhat using to verify suspicious or inappropriate orkut profiles – SMS Verification. Orkut can issue a verified seal once a user verifies his or her profile with sms verification. One [...]

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