Fake, Malicious Official Orkut Email – Don’t Get Screwed!

Situation – You get an email from accounts@google.com. The email describes your account activity as inappropriate and threatens to terminate your Google account within 72 hours. You are further advised to navigate to a link for further instructions. You navigate to that link and get something installed on your computer. ‘That Something’ is a malicious executable, a Trojan Downloader named “regulamento_orkut.exe”.

According to Websense Analysis

When run, the malicious executable downloads another malicious file, “fox.exe”, from the same site. The file copies itself to multiple locations on the infected machine with different names. It also adds itself to startup, and monitors browser activities with the intent to steal user information.

While malicious code is being downloaded a browser window will also popup with objectionable material on it.

So it’s better you don’t trust any such emails and ignore such senseless threats. Stay safe.

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  4 Comments on this Article.

  1. Sunaina Naidu says:

    Someone has created a fake account in my name on orkut and has posted objectionable material on the profile!
    I have filled up the impersonation form at orkut help and have recieved a reply from google to send them a ID proof.

    My question are:
    1) How do I upload ID proof when there is no link on the impersonation form for uploading that and the mail recieved from google is a “no-reply” e-mail?

    2) How can i get the e-mail of my impersonator?

    3) How can I get the IP adderss of my impersonator?

    4) Is there anything legal that can be done? A Court case or a FIR?

    Gaurav, please, please reply… i am an avid fan of your solutions and your ideas have helped me enjoy orkut to the most!

    please help.

  2. nasta says:

    how to verify my account like you have shown in your account?
    please reply..

  3. palak says:

    someone has created my fake account n put my pic plz tell me what to do

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