Orkut Heroes – Featuring Extraordinary People with Extraordinary Talents on Orkut

Orkut Heroes is a very awesome social media blog which loves featuring some great and extraordinary people who are doing something great on orkut.

The site is really fresh and innovative. The site honors those users of orkut who played a major role in bringing people together by creating communities, providing information and education and those who have some extra ordinary talents either professionally, academically or socially.

Zazo, who is the Founder and Author of Orkut Heroes has done a great job with his interviews. I personally appreciate his hardwork and love his interviews more than anything. Thanks to Zazo, I came to know more about a silent orkut hero – Mr Nobody, and i feel really great to have read that piece of text.

Orkut Heroes is definately in my bookmark list and i am sure many of you love to know more about your heroes on orkut and the only one that can make it happen is Zazo :)

Actually, Orkut heroes is more than just the interviews. They also feature some of the most interesting communities on orkut in a section called as the Community Showcase and also provide some great and cool and funny scrap posters in the section which they call The Freekaout.

So Don’t miss it. Go find and read more about your heroes at Orkut Heroes

Gaurav DuaOrkut Guru546 Points
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  1. Tara says:

    Thanks Gaurav!
    I have seen Zazo working and I know he is the best.I am sure People who have seen his work will agree to me. He deserves this and a lot more and I wish him all the success in each venture he enters into.

  2. Gautam - Official Coder of OrkutPlus says:

    Yea, he has done a really nice Job. Its very nice website!

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  4. Aumir says:

    GOstaria de experimentar o orkut plus

  5. Scorpion says:

    Hey people,

    I have tested Gaurav’s opinion in his article above, I agree with him cent-per-cent.

    And Gaurav for you, thanks man for promoting the right choice for everyone.

    And Zazo for you, Great job man, keep up the good work.

    Cheers people!!

  6. sumit pradhan says:

    nice tips for the orkut ,but i my college is not allow us to open orkut then how to open


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