Orkut Integrates Google Talk – Chat With Your Friends In Orkut!

Looks like Google has finally integrated Gtalk with orkut which will allow the users to chat with their friends on orkut. This also gives you the freedom to set your chat status updates to available, busy, invisible or offline.

I am sure many would love this feature but won’t the charm of sending scraps take a blow? Let us discuss more about this feature.

Google Integrates Gtalk in Orkut

Yes! If you are not a Brazilian, you wont see this feature live yet but definately it’s on the cards and scheduled for an update in your profile. As you can see from the screenshot (Thanks Orkut Guia!), you can very easily set or change your chat status.

Integrating and Changing Settings – Gtalk in Orkut

  • Navigate to the Google Talk Settings page to set and configure your options.
  • You can either allow all orkut friends to chat with you or can select selected friends who are able to chat with you on orkut.
  • If you do not wish to integrate google talk with orkut, there is an option to disable google talk integration with orkut.

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  1. Shreyas says:

    I dont see the update yet.

  2. sudhakar says:

    i want to chat in gmail talk like rooms in yahoo mesenger . is it any possible? to chat like in yahoo?

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