Orkut Main# Killer – Disable iFrames While Surfing Orkut

Some time back, orkut introduced Main# on it’s pages which changed the way we browsed orkut. Some may love this feature because this allowed access keys or keyboard shortcuts work well with orkut but many Userscript lovers and regular orkut users do not take this change too well because it has slowed down the browsing speed of orkut to a great extent and some great userscripts have stopped working after this change.

We are lucky enough to have a great Firefox addon called as the Main# Killer, which will disable usage of iFrames while you surf orkut. In short – Give you back the very cool, old and classic orkutting experience.

Why The Need of Main# Killer?

  • The “Save what you typed” function in Firefox does not work when you choose the Back option.
  • Too many requests to the Server. Slows down browsing speed.
  • Orkut Pages are “Too heavy”. Too many bottlenecks and crashes.
  • Many Greasemonkey userscripts have stopped working after this update.

Removing Main# From Orkut?

  • Make sure you have Firefox Installed. (Works With Firefox 1.5 and Above)
  • Install the Main# Killer Firefox Addon (Since the Addon is Still in Sandbox, Registration is Required)
  • If you face any problem while installing Firefox Addons, you can follow this simple tutorial by TimeAtlas
  • View Details about Main# Killer Firefox Addon (Registration Required)
  • After Installing the Addon, Restart Firefox and Navigate to Orkut and experience the change.
  • Have Fun :P

Thanks Clayton Gomes for the Orkut Main# Killer Firefox Addon.

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  1. Yeah, I was not too thrilled with the whole “#Main” thing either, although it may be Google’s way of keeping load times down (and keeping up with Facebook).

  2. Saurabh says:

    I’m already using this.
    Its good.

  3. Beatriz says:

    Pelo amor de deus como q faz pra tirar esses desenhos do orkut? eu quero o meu norma de volta *-*

    Pliss me ajudem

  4. shageef says:

    know its not in adds one plz check it

  5. Eduardo says:

    Is there a way to do that with php, I have a php that makes a search inside orkut community and it stoped …

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