Site News – ‘Translate to Portuguese’ Option in Feeds for Readers from Brazil

Orkut Plus lately is getting lot of Brazilian traffic which is observable with the huge feed subscribers jump. After my last post, i got a huge number of emails in Portuguese requesting the change in feed language to Portuguese. Well, i cannot think of splitting feeds in two languages at this point but what i can do well is provide the users an option in feeds and email newsletters to change their language to Portuguese in a single click.

I hope the reaction will improve and i will get less emails on this issue. On a great note, if we see some consistent and improved Brazilian traffic then I will have to add Brazilian (Portuguese) Editors to maintain Orkut Plus! in Portuguese for users from Brazil :P

Note – For Other Orkut Blogs (English)

I created a small flare which i integrated with Feedburner. I will share the simple tutorial in a day or two if you wish to integrate the same in your feeds especially when Brazil seems to be the home of Orkut and you don’t want to upset the local guys ;)

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