Foolproof Your Orkut Account Against ‘Irritating’ Mass Friend Requests

I saw a couple of blog posts where users showed their discomfort on receiving mass friends requests on orkut from the members they did not know. They misunderstood them to be scammers and spammers. I had to clear their doubt and cleared that they were actually using automated softwares to send mass friend requests.

Many of us do not wish to recieve mass friend requests, especially when they come from unknown people. Once your email is out in forums, it becomes a dish to mass emailers, spammers and in orkut – A Victim of Mass Add. Your email address is then circulated in various orkut forums where users use thousands of email ID’s including yours to mass add friends.

Orkut has silently introduced some important features which should foolproof your orkut account against such mass add friend requests from unknown orkut members.

Foolproof Your Orkut Account Against Mass Friend Requests

Safeguard Your Profile Against Mass Add Attacks

  • In the options, you will find two important sections which would enable you to disallow people to find you through your email.
  • The second option is your filter. Choose the criteria for people who can send you a friend request.
  • Save your preferences and Done! :D
  • Guess your profile is safe against mass friend requests unless we find a way out :P

Also check some exclusive orkut tools to make your orkut life more fun and convenient.

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  1. essse site e muito bom e eu keria um fondo no meu para ficar bem legal ate ++++++++

  2. e muito legal esse site e gostaria q eu conseguisse colocar no meu orkut esse tema legallllllllllllllllllllllll

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