Revisiting – My Favorite Not-So-Geeky Posts on Orkut Plus!

I was just going through the archives and found some great posts worth revisiting. I am sure we have added many new and loyal readers to our list and I understand it can be time consuming to browse the entire site to find stuff.

I plan to revisit and share some of my favorites so that the new readers can enjoy the posts which they probably missed. For today, the posts i have chosen have very less to do with the “hacky and tricky” part of Orkut Plus! so will be worth visiting for every one. ;)

Revisiting My Favorites – Not-So-Geeky Posts

Let me know if you liked the posts and if you would wish to see another set from a specific category? :D

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    I was just going through he <<<<<<<<<<
    EDIT IT AND MAKE “he” TO “the” :)

  2. @Aj: Thanks for the Spell Mistake :)

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