Scrapbook Flooder – The Flood Machine!

Much Awaited Scrapbook Flooder is the latest addition to our popular Orkut Toolkit.

Scrapbook flooder will allow you to flood an orkut profile with as many scraps and with as orkut many profiles you wish to. This scrapbook flooder supports the use of unlimited orkut profiles.

If you are using this flooder, we assume you have multiple orkut profiles at you disposal. In case no, then use our Mass Profile Creator to create mass orkut profiles easily to be used in this and many upcoming orkut-cheat tools ;)

Scrap Book Flooder

  • Fill-in the required Details
  • Choose Start Flooding to Start The Magic! :)

If you face any issue or problem, leave a comment on this post. Have Fun :P

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  1. sahil says:

    is der any non-series scrapbook flooder in orkut plus…
    if yes then can u post the link here plzzzz….

  2. sahil says:

    This scrapbook flooder is showing error….called captcha faced….

    please help me bro…..

  3. Manish says:

    what will i wrote in the 2nd box…
    starting id number from ____?to____?

    • Gautam says:

      You need fakes to use this tool. When you make fakes, they are in a series ( I from, you have to write 100 and in to, you have to write 110.

  4. muhammed.k says:

    what is the 7,2,3,8 denoting please xplain?

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