Sharing Your Orkut Albums With Non-Orkut Friends

If you remember, we notified you about a new feature ‘Photo Album Sharing‘ with exclusive screenshots a week back. Yeah! The feature is finally live in most of the orkut profiles and it’s time to analyze the feature in detail.

What’s New?

Note – I missed to highlight this awesome feature in the sneak-peak post but it’s better late than never..right? :P

Apart from basics, which we discussed on the sneak-peak post, this feature will allow you to share your selected orkut album with your friends which are not on orkut. Yes! Even if they don’t use orkut, they will be able to surf through your sent album on orkut but will require to register if they wish to further see your profile on orkut.

For instance, I decide to share this album with my friend who is not on orkut, orkut will email him a special link. Please note that with this option, your album will be available to all who have the access to that ‘special link’.

In case you wanna check this feature in action, just log out of orkut and you can check this album on orkut.

For more information, please check the official post for this feature on the official orkut blog.

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