Stylish Fonts and Scraps – A Must Have App for Orkut Freaks!

Do you love to use different fonts and symbols to decorate you orkut profiles? If yes, then here is a must have orkut app for you..

Stylish Fonts and Scraps

This is a very cool orkut app which will allow you to generate multiple fonts easily. You can also use special characters and symbols to make it more exciting. The app has several other options like colored scrap generator, puzzle generator and stuff. This is a must have.

Using – Stylish Fonts and Scraps Orkut Application

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  1. Paulo says:

    oi eu sou o paulo blz

  2. alcivan says:

    oi eu sou o alcivan!! e gostei muito desse tema de orkut

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. eu não consigo copiar esse aplicativo tem varias paessoas que tem momes com essas fontes e simbolos no orkut eu não consigo copiar e nem salvar

  5. [...] This application also provide you with latest Movie information as well as provide you with some online text Generator ,Over all these is a nice orkut apps for those who love to surf orkut in style. To know how to use this application on Orkut visit  Orkutplus . [...]

  6. nao consigo acessar

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