Is this the Biggest Orkut Poll Ever?

Biggest Orkut Poll Ever?

Damn! I can never understand what these guys are up to. Isn’t this incredible? An orkut poll with over 2 Crore (20 Million) Votes! I am not sure if you will see this as the best use of time, but you gotta give it to them for their love and passion towards orkut. Bhavik and his team have created history by creating possibly the biggest orkut poll ever.

I am sure orkut staff will not be impressed by this effort especially after giving a thought to the sufferings their servers must have undergone during this world record. :P

You can view this poll in action but make sure you do it quickly enough before orkut deletes it :)

Looking for similar ‘cheat’ tools? Better check our orkut toolkit..

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  1. Well, everyone loves to be the No.1 at Something. Previously there was a Lot of Talk about the Maximum No. of Friends and the Maximium number of Scraps

  2. sonu says:

    Orkut means Dil Mangay More…

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