Check The Exact Number of Scraps Even If Orkut Shows 100,000+ Scraps

King of Orkut Flooder - Al Pacheco

If you remember, we shared with you the Highest Scrap Holders on Orkut. Soon, a very intelligent thought made this race obsolete.

Though orkut thinks they have contained us with that update but guess what..We have a way to check out the exact number of scraps and we are sharing that tool with you today :)

Check Exact Number of Scraps on Orkut

Find Exact Number of Scraps - Step 1

  • Make Sure the Profile ID you enter is in your Friends List.
  • Wait for the page to load.

Exact Number of Scraps

  • Done! The Exact Number of Scraps will be listed.
  • Check other tools in our Orkut Toolkit
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  13 Comments on this Article.

  1. Now !! Thats a Really Amazing Tool…

    Does this Means Orkut Actually Keeps Count of all the Scraps of an User above 100K ? Only doesn’t show them..

    • Gaurav Dua says:

      @Debajyoti – Actually it’s a bug. Instead of making this bug public and giving an opportunity to orkut’s developers to fix it, we thought making a tool out of it will serve your purpose at the same time longing life of the hack.. :)

  2. Mohan says:

    Not wrking

    • Gaurav Dua says:

      @Mohan – It works just fine. Make sure the scraps are 100,000+ and the user ID is in your friend list. You can’t check number of your scraps for your orkut profile since you are not in your own friendlist.

  3. Shreyas says:

    Its not working, It only shows my UID thats it.

    • Gaurav Dua says:

      @shreyas – This wont show your number of scraps. You can find scraps of an orkut member who is in your friend list. Remember – ‘Your profile is not in your friend list’.

  4. Anonymous says:

    noo that 1 is not working only showing UID..not showing scraps..and i want to increase just 20thousand scraps not 100000+..plz can u explain me detail???

  5. rafael says:

    recados 100.000+mil flood scraps colocar ..

  6. rafael says:

    colocar 100.000+ mil …

  7. Toshu- Nam To Suan Hi Hoga Na!- says:

    Nice Share..
    Can you provide Me the PhP coding of This Tool ?

  8. malandrinho says:

    ei Gaurav Dua queria aumentar meus recados para 10.000+ eu vir um perfil que tem 2 amigos e tem 100.000+ de recados, você pode me ajuda ou mandar uma ferramenta que FLOD bastante recados porfavor ?

    muito Obrigado!

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