Google Advertising ‘Orkut’ outside Orkut?

Orkut Ads

Guess what? I opened Orkut Plus! today to find the most relevant ad one can ever see here. It was an advertisement promoting orkut. You don’t have to solve a sudoku puzzle to know who is promoting orkut. Very likely, Google is uncomfortable with the growing popularity of it’s rival Facebook and looks like an attempt to woo more and more audience (especially US users) by using it’s adwords service.

We have seen orkut advertising and promoting it’s latest features and other google services on orkut but this is something new to me. This is first of it’s kind of direct advertising by google for orkut. Does this gesture hint on any uneasiness in the Orkut Office?

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  1. Google has Become Serious about the fact that many people are opting FaceBook over orkut.
    In fact India slipped from 2nd to 3rd position in the Demographics.

  2. yes,
    I checked alexa pagerank and saw Orkut page views down by almost 9% in the last 3 months, this may be one reason. I guess the issue is more serious than what we can see on Alexa. It is clearly eivident from this advertising!

  3. I’ve seen Google advertise Orkut outside of Orkut properties.

    In fact they even advertise the Official Orkut blog on AdSense (which I think Google did as people assumed my blog was the official blog for Orkut).

    Either way, I hope they hire a real artist to draw that picture (as the one in the ad is kinda hideous).

  4. p.love says:

    I seen that all ready

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