New Feature – Friend Suggestions on Your Orkut Profile

friend suggestions on orkut

Which is nothing but a rip off from Facebook, Orkut has introduced a new feature called as friend suggestions. As the name suggests, this feature will suggest you orkut members which probably should be in your friend list.

I am not sure on how effective and accurate this feature is but looking at the feedback, I guess orkut members are quite satisfied with this feature.

I am yet to receive this update in my orkut profile. Weird enough, It looks like this feature has been circulating in some orkut profiles since a month,

Is this feature activated in your orkut profile? Is it that Accurate? Do Let Us Know :D

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  8 Comments on this Article.

  1. joshva says:

    hello friends, i using two profiles one with gmail and one rediff id, but in rediff id, before itself for me this feature is came, before 1 month……..

  2. I saw it in a profile created just a few days ago. But in my profile it can not be seen

  3. alok says:

    hope they recommend beautiful girls :P

  4. vishal says:

    please tell how to find friend suggestions

  5. vam says:

    on what basis these friend suggestions are given??

    • Gaurav Dua says:

      Friend suggestions are fetched from your network, the keywords in your about me and interests section, friends of your friends and many other elements.

      It’s artificial intelligence – by google.

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