Orkut – Danger in Disguise?

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It has been observed that people who spend most of the time on Orkut are very depressed or have been found in the state of mental trauma. Most of the time such users are found to be ’Orkutting’ in order to release their tensions.

I came across an article by Avantica, a Merinews Citizen Journalist on orkut and how she feels that orkut is nothing better than a hangout place for depressed and traumatized souls.

I am not sure if many of us would agree with this, but this is one hell of an opinion which digs deep in to the younger generation on orkut.

You can read the full article on Meri News. Do leave her a comment if you justify her opinion or feel if she needs some more tips on how to make the most out of orkut (in a positive sense)

PS – Avantica should start reading and browsing Orkut Plus! to fall in love with Orkut. :P

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  1. Me escreva em portuguem pq eu não estou entendendo nada aqui
    não sei como usar esse programa ou o site ok…
    Por favor!!
    Um forte abraço…

  2. matheus says:

    eu quero etrar no novo orkut

  3. I guess I am one of them, but the other way around, i waste time on orkut, feel depressed thinking about the time i wasted and again think about all this probs when i use orkut!

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