Orkut Friends Backupmate – Create Backup of Your Friends, Their Email Id’s and Profile Links in a Single Click

Orkur Backup Tools Exclusively by Orkut Plus!Suppose your orkut account gets deleted (consider this example). All your friends, scraps, communities, testimonials are lost. You create a new orkut profile but can’t remember or you are unable to find your friends on orkut. You are in a Big Big Mess!

Now what to do? – The answer is not satisfactory.

Now What? Let me Answer – Use Our Backupmate Series well in advance to Create a Backup of Everything you have on orkut. :D

Not long back we released Scrapbook Backupmate (For English Users | for Brazilian Orkut Users )which allowed orkut members to create and save a backup of their scraps.

Today, the second tool in our backupmate series is the Friends Backupmate. As the name suggests, this tool will allow you to save your friend list along with their email ID’s and profile links to your desk. Isn’t this Great? :D

Orkut Friends Backupmate

Orkut Friends Backupmate - Step 1

  • Now enter the details to start the process.
  • Please wait till page loads fully.

Orkut Friends Backupmate - Step 2

  • Once the loading is complete, you’ll see all your friends listed with the details.
  • You can save or download the backup by choosing necessary option.
  • That’s It! Done.. ;)

We are adding new tools every now and then in our Orkut Toolkit. Please navigate to this page to see the other tools.

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  7 Comments on this Article.

  1. This tool is good too!
    But for instance, I have backed up my friends and my Orkut A/c got deleted. Then there should be a tool, using which I can again send friend requests to old friends automatically.

  2. joshva says:

    very nice feature to add a old friends, when my orkut accout is deleted

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