Orkut Turns 5 – Long Live Orkut!

Happy Birthday Orkut :)

You guys must have noticed the new ‘Doodle’ on orkut’s login page. Yeah! Orkut has turned 5 today. Happy Birthday Orkut :) .

I am sure orkut has changed your life too (as it has changed mine) in some way or the other. It’s time to thank, wish and appreciate Google on this big day.

Personally, Orkut is really special to me. I don’t think i need to elaborate since orkut is the thing that’s responsible for taking my online career to new heights.

God Bless Orkut! :P

Enjoy the Moment and Keep Orkutting! :D

Gaurav DuaOrkut Guru546 Points
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  1. joshva says:

    ya, orkut has changed my life, due to orkut i got many friends, rathere than hi5 and Facebook,

    For My Among the social networking sites the orkut is best and easy to work, and with many tricks and also with hacks,

    Any Way Best of luck to orkut

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