Can You Pronounce ‘Orkut’ Correctly?

vLingo for iPhone Yesterday i installed a very interesting app called vLingo on my brand new iPhone 3G 16GB Black (which is my life at the moment :D ). The concept was really awesome – The Phone Performs the operations you tell it to ‘vocally’. Now, it took me some time to understand how this really worked. Shockingly, it wouldn’t recognize the word orkut as i pronounced it to. It did just fine for facebook. After trying good 10 minutes, i figured out what was probably going wrong.

  • The voice recognition was flawless when i spoke in American English Accent
  • Probably, the Pronouncing ‘Orkut’ was a bit different than what a billion Indians think.

Now you know why i have this question in mind :) . I have the exact pronunciation of orkut with a audio (mp3) example. Let’s see how many of you spelled ‘Orkut’ correctly ;)

Pronouncing Orkut Correctly

In India, we are fond of pronouncing ‘Orkut’ as Or+kut.

More stress is given on u. (English teacher can give a better description of emphasis and stresses)

And the Correct Answer Is?

As Orkut itself says – Pronounce me as Or+Cut. Following ways are also correct:

  • ore-ku-t
  • r-kot
Audio (Mp3) Example

Poll – Did You Pronounce Orkut Correctly?

PS – All those Indians who are wondering if iPhone 3G is worth Rs 37000 ($800) then i assure you the baby is as awesome and as beautiful as it can get. I wonder how i was living without it all this time. :P

iPhone 3G Black - My Baby!!

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  1. romane says:

    Hello, I dont think the mp3 you provided is the acurrate pronunciation.

    As the google page says, the emphasis is on the ‘or’ and the cut is short OR-kut, while in the mp3 the stress is clearly on the kut, or-KUT, and thus wrong, by google standards at least ;-)

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