How to Run Multiple Orkut Profiles in Firefox?

Firefox is a Bomb! :PI was writing an awesome hack to unblock any website anywhere and that hack required firefox users to have multiple profiles for productive use of that hack.

I am not sure if many would remember but we have once shared the trick to sort out Greasemonkey Crashing issues. In case you do, then yes, the same tutorial will be enough to allow you set up multiple Firefox profiles thus will allow you to run multiple instances of orkut profiles (a similar hack is also available for Google Chrome Users).

Bottomline – If you are a Firefox Lover and You are in a College or a Hostel and wish to surf blocked websites very efficiently, then you need to implement this hack for productive browsing. :)

Please see the post up-next for Unblocking Any website, Anywhere. ;)

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  2. anirudh says:

    i could not run orkut in my college pc due to sonic wall.please tell me a sol. immediately.

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