Breaking – Orkut Admin Powers Misused. Several Big Orkut Communities Hijacked!

Orkut Admins May Be Hacked - Once Again!

Yes! All hell has broken loose in the new orkut help group and looks like Orkut Admins (Orkuteers) have managed to get themselves hacked again give admin access to unethical minds.

It it as simple as I explained it to you or is there something more in to it? Actually, A week or two back, one of the trusted members of Orkut Plus! CommunityMazhar Salam informed me about the unethical use of Orkut Medal Profiles (which we seem to regard as Orkut Admin Profiles unless orkut clears the air on the special privileges they enjoy) and undigestible increase in the community ownership count of one of the Orkuteers profile. I was unable to form an opinion that time because of lack of evidence and lack of support for accusations.

Today, I received emails from a few bloggers and community owners who notified me about the same thing and when i decided to check the affected areas, i was surprised to see the volume and intensity of the activity on the same issue.

The Big News – Members of some of the best and biggest orkut communities created a havoc in the Orkut Help Group claiming that Orkut Power User – The Orkuteer – Orkut Guy has taken over ownership of their Orkut Communities and is transferring them to his other profiles on will.

The fingers are also pointing at Vandini – The Orkuteer who is said to be the one responsible for this.

Personally, I feel this is just another case of account hijacking of a power user (orkuteer) which has allowed an unethical mind to hijack communities at will.

Still Not Convinced? Let the Affected Explain
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In my opinion, Orkut should re-think about the privileges they give to the Power Orkut Users as this may compromise the trust and secure feeling every community (orkut as a whole), should have in order to prosper.

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  6 Comments on this Article.

  1. Saurabh says:

    “Your profile has been locked out.
    Your orkut account has been suspended due to content or usage in violation of our policies. If you feel that this is incorrect, verify your identity to fix this issue.”

    WTF ? :O

    My friends told me that my community (The Download Bazar) has been taken over by the same ‘Orkut Guy’.

    My profile is also deleted. :(

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  3. Saurabh says:

    Now my community has been taken over by another guy now. :(

    What To Do ?

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  5. Orkut Team Rep says:

    Just to clarify your misunderstanding- orkut Medals are not a representation of an orkut Admin profile ONLY (though it is primarily given to them): an orkut Medal is also given to some users who have been very helpful at the orkut Help Group a.k.a. orkuteers.

    Kindly clarify things by visiting the orkut blogs before you post misguiding information.

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