Orkut Blocked? Surf Orkut and Other Blocked Websites Anytime Anywhere – Guaranteed!

Unblock Any Website - Anytime, Anywhere! Guaranteed! :)Yes! 100% Guaranteed! No Need of logging into untrusted and ad bombed proxies..Orkut Plus! Today reveals the secret ;)

Today, you will come to know how i was able to post and blog all this time bypassing the Orkut (thus OrkutPlus) blocked restriction since last 3 Years. :)

Actually, When i was in college, i suffered the same dilemma with the proxy websites. I never gave this issue a much serious look until I faced the problem of not being able to open my website in my hostel room. Damn! I was furious and mad at those guys. Once this problem arised, it was my duty to search and study best alternatives to kick ass of my college networking manager :D

Finally..One day and i was the God of My Hostel. :P Everyone would know – This Guy – This Room Knows how to open blocked websites (any damn website :P ) with very decent browsing speed.

Every College Going Guy and Every Hostel Guy Should Have this hack in his pendrive because this is freakin awesome and no one can beat this – Believe me :)

Open Blocked Websites – Anytime, Anywhere
  • Download Jondo (a.k.a JAP)
What is JAP?

JAP or Jondo is software application that allows you to surf the web without being observed. JAP has to be installed on the user’s computer to allow him to surf the web anonymously and without being observed. This is necessary since all requests and all of the servers’ answers have to be sent not directly to the web server, rather via a so-called Mix Cascade. These mixes are interposed stations, and all messages are directed through these stations.

Since many users make use of the anon service at the same time, the internet connections of each user are hidden among those of all the other users. Every user could have been responsible for any connection. Nobody, no outstanding person, no other user, not even the operator of the AN.ON service can determine which internet connections were requested by a certain user.

I have Downloaded JAP. What’s Next?
  • Now install the program on the computer from where you want to surf the blocked websites.
  • Note – You will need JAVA Runtime to run JAP.

Step 1 - Configure Jondo

  • Now open the program and choose Assistant (please refer screenshot).
  • Opening assistant will give you instructions to set up the application for your desired browser.

Choose Your Browser

  • Please follow the instructions for your preferred browser.
  • Note - Firefox users should set up a new profile (see this post) because for the profile with which you will set up this application, would only work when this application works. Making a new profile would allow you to surf with other profile normally when this application is not in use.
  • Once you have configured your browser (or profile) choose in services dropdown, Free Services option.

Choose Your Desired Free Service

  • In free services, choose any service. Prefer Derseden-Derseden (It’s my Favorite! :P and Very Fast).
  • Once you choose your desired service, wait till it connects.
  • Once you see the signal, start browsing on the browser you configured with Jondo.
  • Done!

Damn! :P Open any freakin website any where :D or gift Jondo to your Networking Head and see the look on his face ;)

Security and Privacy Issues

I have been using it since last 3 years. You are anonymous and very safe. Don’t Worry!! :)
Another alternative is Ultrasurf. But if you ask me – Firefox is to Internet Explorer as Jondo is to Ultrasurf :)

Enjoy yourself and do leave your comments :D

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  1. Alessandra says:

    Pela primeira vez vejo alguém falar a verdade para alguém que quer ver fotos e recados de orkut bloqueado…
    A honestidade é 10 valeuuuu…
    Beijos alessandra

  2. Me@n M@cHiNE (AmIty-ASD) says:

    hey gaurav bro i jst wanna kno v have LAN points in amity which serve more den 400 mbps speed (i dnt kno about other departments ) BUt in my studio it give so v guys vere planning to play cs but it does nt show ne survers !!….u have ne idea dat dey block gaming servers.. N ur hacks lets ppl play cs ???

    please tell n ill manage to controle my ping rate plzz do rply …. i am harsimran singh of amity school of design…….

  3. vishal says:

    how do i vote more than one time from same orkut account

  4. JJ says:

    Man thanks but how do i get to use the premium servers or sevices for free? is there any way out

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