Advertising on Orkut – IPL Ads…Coming Soon! Plus see Google Helping Airlines Sell Tickets & Packages on Orkut

Indian Premier LeagueEvery cricket playing nation would know what the hell IPL stands for..Indian Premiere League, one of the biggest tournament in India for Cricket Lovers is coming this April and so with it are the IPL advertisements on Orkut Profiles.

According to Business Standard, Google has finally found a way to monetize orkut. IPL and Google are in a discussion to create brand positioning campaigns and even an IPL profile page for Orkut users.

Here are some key points from the report:

Google is serious about monetizing its social media portal. “Last year, we built a stronger base of marketers and invested in internet advertising. In 2009, we should make revenues from our social media platform,” says Google India Managing Director Shailesh Rao.

“This would be through minimum intrusion, as we will (only) allow advertising at the lower half of the user’s profile page, that too at an infrequent rate,” adds Mahesh Narayanan, senior industry manager.

“You will see Google helping airlines sell tickets and packages on Orkut, financial services and products to users, and insurance and brokerage firms to offer services to targeted users,” says Rao

So, just be prepared to see some more interesting ads on your orkut profiles which for me are pretty useful and relevant. Those who will curse Google for this move should know that monetizing orkut is very necessary for the existence of orkut. You never know when Google guys decide to shut down a service.

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  1. Sir, you have written same para two times…

  2. Gaurav Dua says:

    @Extreme Trix: Fixed.. Thanks for notifying.. :)

  3. They havent decided dates for IPL I duno what is going to happen now

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