Cyber Crime Cell – ‘College Students Misusing Orkut’

Cyber Cell Mumbai, India - Always Watching You!

Cyber Crime Cell has issued a statement which says that College Students are allegedly using Orkut and other social networks to target people they don’t like and indulging in character assassination.

Times of India covers the complete article.

Highlights from the Article

Cyber Crime Cell – college students are allegedly using sites like Orkut, Facebook and MySpace to target people they don’t like by creating fake profiles, posting abuses, obscene pictures of their friends or giving out personal detail like telephone numbers, addresses and e-mail ids. In other words, character assassination.

Police – More often than not, the perpetrator is a boy who wants to get back at a girl who has spurned his affections.

Cyber Crime Cell – We get at least one case a month from a popular networking site who’s privacy levels are known to be a little lax.

You can read the complete article here

Remember – You are responsible for what you do online. You must also be aware of Google’s Orkut Tell All Pact With Cops.

So Please don’t loose your mind and use our fantastic cheat tools, and enjoy your orkut life. :)

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  1. xanindia says:

    I’m wondering why there are people who likes to commit crimes and this time, they invade the cyber space. Policing these charlatans is not that easy. It takes courage and guts to stop them. And students are most likely the victims or shall we say the offender?

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