Followup Post – How Orkut Screwed Up!

WTF!If you remember a week back we posted about the incident where big communities got hijacked by an orkuteer called as the orkut guy. In case you missed the post or need to revisit it, you can read that post here.

Now, today i am posting a followup post when picture seems to be clearing a bit. But will the affected buy orkut staff’s clarification? Let’s check out…

Will You Buy This?

Your huge orkut community gets transferred to an Orkuteer’s profile at the same time your orkut profile gets locked and suspended. You and your community members create havoc in the orkut help group against this crap. Some time later, you are informed that there is nothing to worry because communities taken over by Orkut Guy, The Orkuteer (Profile Now Deleted), is an automated process and a step orkut staff is taking against hacking of communities on orkut.

Dhivya – Please be rest assured that the communities that have been taken over by “orkut guy”, after being detected by our automated system will be transferred to their rightful owners soon. As Vandini mentioned, some of these communities have already been transferred to their appropriate owners. This is an important step we’re taking against hacking of communities on orkut, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and appreciate your patience.

Now, Take That! The Owners had to verify their orkut profiles and some were unable to do so because their service carriers were not supported.

I am also surprised, orkut took this big decision without a prior notification. Plus, the communities which were returned to it’s owners had their co-owners removed.

Personally, I do not buy this clarification and i still feel it was a cover up for something irresponsible one of the orkuteer had done. What do you think? Does the clarification satisfy you?

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  5 Comments on this Article.

  1. Saurabh says:

    This clarification doesnt satisfy me at all. :X
    fu*k that Bastard who was behind this. :x

    Orkut must learn to accept his/her/its mistakes.
    It cant run away from such crisis situations.

    Motherf*ckers. :x

  2. Mazhar Salam says:

    I guess Vandini should have been hacked for the second time.

  3. Summary of the post:
    Orkut had made an automated bot to takeover big communities and to lock the community’s owner’s profile. They did this so that the owners would have to verify their profiles through mobile (SMS) and Orkut would get to know that the owner of the community is not fake. Orkut has also returned some religious communities back to the original owners (you can check the Orkut Help Group for this). But it was wrong on the Orkut’s behalf to lock the accounts without any notification like:
    Your account has been locked due to your community. And we are verifying owners through SMS. When you verify you account, your community will be returned back to you.
    Orkut should have said something like this which could have averted people from creating a nuisance in the Orkut Help group.

    *Sorry if there are any English errors in my comment.

  4. lovely says:

    i have a big problem with the orkut acc i used to have,,i want to delete my acc,,but i forgot my passowrd and user id,,and recently wen i ckecked i found some stupid scraps,,please help me with this asap

  5. lovely says:

    many orkut acc have been created on my name also,,,please i dont want this,,,i’m a married woman now,,i dont want to mess with my life,,please help me

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