New Update – Trash Folder in Orkut Communities – But What For?

Thrash Folder in Orkut Communities

Well Well Well..We have a new feature added to Orkut Communities..It’s the trash folder!

Let us discuss more about this feature, its probable side effects and some wild guesses on what this feature might hold..

‘Trash Folder’ Update in Orkut Communities

If you navigate to you community, in the left hand side menu, you will see this feature listed. When you click on this trash folder, hmm…well…nothing really opens other than your popular donut page.


Feature Seems to be Broken…Never Mind.. :P

Side Effects?

If you remember, a similar spam folder was added some time back and that turned out to be quite productive. Strangely, with addition of this feature, the delete forever option we had for topics in spam folder has vanished. So, i am a bit confused now..We can’t delete spam topics from spam folder? :O

Guesses – What’s This Feature For?

I guess, the main purpose of the trash folder will be to store deleted topics from your community forum so that you can review those deleted topics before deleting them forever?

Well, we’ll have to wait to see this feature in action before we jump to any conclusions. Do you think the same or will this feature be better utilized? Share with us! :D

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  1. Ali says:

    Well, I am getting “bin” option instead of Trash :O

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