Orkut Friends Backupmate v2.0 – Create Backup of Your Friends and Add Them to Any Orkut Profile in a Single Click

A couple of months back, we released one of the most important backup tool for orkut – Orkut Friends Backupmate. The tool would be a fabulous utility as it would allow you to create a backup of your friendlist in a single click.

Some users requested a utility which would allow you to add your saved friendlist to any profile in a single click. Thus, today, though it’s been long coming but your requested feature has now been added to Orkut Friends Backupmate v2.0.

Orkut Friends Backupmate v2.0

  • Enter your details to access the tool.

Friends Backupmate 2.0

  • On the second page, you’ll see your friends listed.
  • You can either download that list (you’ll have to add them manually later) else choose ‘only friends UID’s

Friends Backupmate 2.0

  • You’ll be taken to a page where your friends UID’s will be listed in a systematic manner.
  • Please save that list of uid’s to your computer. (Do NOT make any changes to the format)
  • Whenever you wish to add those friends to any profile, navigate to Mass Friends Adder (Single)
  • Enter your account details to which you wish to add the friendlist
  • Paste the UID’s in the uid field without editing anything.
  • Press Submit and Done! :D

a – Leave your feedback ;)
b – Check other tools in our Orkut Tookit

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  1. alok says:

    This will prove to be a very useful tool.

  2. manish says:

    thnx bro

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