Orkut Poll Vote Flooder – Flood Orkut Polls With Votes Using ‘Poll Vote Machine’

Today we are sharing with you the next tool in our very popular Orkut ToolkitPoll Vote Flooder. As the name suggests, this tool will allow you to flood the polls with as many votes and comments as you wish to.

Before we go ahead with discussing the tool, I hope you are aware of what’s needed to use this tool productively. Yes! you need many Orkut Profiles to utilize this tool productively. In case you are new to orkut cheat tools, then i would suggest you to have multiple orkut profiles at your disposal (WARNING – It is against orkut terms of service.) and to help you achieve your goal very quickly, we have released our pretty fast Mass Orkut Profile Maker. You can see this post for instructions on how to use that tool productively.

Poll Vote Flooder

Orkut Poll Vote Flooder

  • Now fill in the details as mentioned.
  • You should enter your account details in series in which you created your mass profiles using Mass Orkut Profile Maker.
  • Enter the community ID where the poll is being conducted. (Please refer screenshot)
  • Now, you should enter your PID and PCT. PID is the Poll ID.(Please refer screenshot)
  • Tip – To get the Community ID plus the PID and the PCT, just open the poll you wish to flood.
  • Now check the link (Url). Say the URL comes out to be:


  • See the URL for cmm (community ID), PID and PCT and fill in the values in the flooder without the ‘=‘.
  • Choose the option which you wish to flood.
  • You can also leave a comment if the rules of the poll say so.
  • You also have an option to join and unjoin the community since some polls are only visible to community members.
  • Press submit and let the magic begin! :D

If you have any questions, post them as comments and our coder Gautam will help you make the most out of this tool.

Have Fun! :P

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