The Most Wonderful Orkut Community

Google Internet Bus Community

I Wont say a word more – Just Visit This Community and come back to leave your comments..

Amazing Isn’t It? The community you just visited is the Google Internet Bus Project Community.

Thinking other way round, Orkut may have just given us a hint of what Orkut ‘without beta’ will look like. I am sure you have too much in your mind right now..Well, spill it here.. :)

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  2. Simran says:

    Its really amazing community… I’m wondering how they added videos to it and also changed community’s theme !!!!!!

  3. Mridul says:


    Cool Theme , videos , much more..

    Orkut rocks

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  5. have you notice members of the community…
    a Brazilian member with a nude photographs having several profile with same name…. is that a hack?

  6. joshva says:

    Wheather we an change our community like this

  7. dheeraj says:


  8. First time i’m seeing such a community, Really an awesome one!

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