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Looks like orkut has introduced some major updates in it’s scrapbook. The new scrapbook feels ajaxed with realtime scrap preview. This means, you will see the preview of the scrap while you are writing it. To add to it, your new Orkut Scrapbook will have a refresh button to refresh your scraps to check if a new one has arrived while you were busy viewing and replying to your scraps.

Let us have a look at some exclusive screenshots of this feature..


New Orkut Features
New Orkut Features
While you must be searching for these features in your scrapbook, let me dissapoint you by clearing that these features are live for most of the Brazilian (Portuguese) users and a very few Indian Orkut Users. So you will have to wait till you see these features live in your orkut profiles.

While, Brazilians are busy fondling with their new scrapbook, there is a rumor that this update is vulnerable to XSS (Cross Site Scripting) attacks and can be dangerous if the bug still exists.

On a Negative Note – Some users are also complaining that after this update, their scrapbook does not work well in Opera. Well, we cannot confirm either of these rumor’s hence will have to wait till we get to feel the newness of orkut scrapbook.

Do you have this update in your Profile? Well, please share your experience and opinion on these features with us :P

Image Credits – Google Discovery

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  10 Comments on this Article.

  1. Sooraj says:

    I din like the new scrap book.. it seldom updates, I can see the alerts in ma gtalk but even after refreshing the scrapbook it doesn show those scraps !! and another problem is when you click the reply button, the cursor focus does not come to the text area, it rather stays with the reply button, so that you gotta exclusively click on the text area to start typing, the old one was better !!

  2. Simran says:

    I don’t have any kind of update in my scrapbook.

  3. HaSaN™ says:

    I too don’t have this update,yet!

  4. alok says:

    hope it arrives soon :)

  5. Alexandre Provencio says:

    As a keyboard fan, i used to do everything from it to manage my scraps and other things in orkut too. Hitting ‘/’ or ”’ character to search with firefox and pressing isn’t working in this new page (still works in other orkut parts).

  6. roy says:

    Feature copied from facebook!!

  7. HaSaN™ says:

    @ roy..

  8. vanessa says:

    Eu tenho essa atualização e não gostei. Como faço pra voltar pra antiga?????

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