My Scrap Count Has Decreased Significantly. Have My Scraps Been Deleted?

Searching...Some days back, orkut members felt a huge difference in their scrap count.

This sudden decrease in scraps led to a feeling that their scraps were being deleted by Orkut and created a chaos in the Orkut Help Group. Many users showed their disappointment to the orkut staff relating this issue.

In case you were amongst those disappointed with this decrease in scrap count, let us clear the air on this issue and a clarification by orkut staff that should surely satisfy you.

Clearing The Air – Were The Scraps Really Deleted?

Yes! The scraps were really deleted by Orkut but they had a very valid reason for performing such operation. According to orkut, your scraps were earlier counted inaccurately. Also, your scraps may have decreased because earlier, scraps from deleted profiles remained in your scrapbook and now, scraps from deleted orkut profiles have been removed to protect privacy of active orkut users.

Hi Guys,

As I mentioned earlier, please be assured that your scraps from active users were not deleted. Your current scrap count is accurate. Our scrap counter does not count scraps from deleted users. This is because we noticed that users were misusing the fact that scraps remained live even after their accounts were deleted.

In order to protect the safety of our users we are now deleting all content ever posted by a deleted user (which includes scraps).

Thanks again for your cooperation and patience.


So, active users should not worry much as scraps which have been deleted were posted from accounts which no longer exist on orkut. And to add, your scrap count is now accurate.

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  4 Comments on this Article.

  1. Simran says:

    It happened to me too :(

  2. Hitendra says:

    It had happend to me 2 times and then i found that both time my scraps were equal…….

  3. deepak says:

    i hav lost my 400 hundred scraps…….

    • Varun says:

      i lost more then 5000 scraps but it was a time bak but i knew that they deleted the scraps of people who were not there in mah list nemore so i was content…..

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