Where Has The Feeds Option Gone? Has Orkut Dropped ‘Feeds’?

Orkut Feeds - RIP!Wow! It took me some time to notice this change (Guess..orkut keeps us too busy chasing its new features).

Orkut has officially dropped the feeds option they had integrated with orkut profiles. The Feeds feature was introduced a couple of years back which created a lot of buzz and found many lovers.

Some time back, really silently, orkut staff announced that they will be dropping the feeds option officially from orkut profiles since they felt this was a less popular orkut feature. Orkut also hinted that they will continue to remove less popular orkut features in future too.

Hi Guys,

In an effort to provide the best experience to our users, we are doing a full assessment of orkut and considering removing a few low usage features. We believe that the ‘feeds’ feature can be well supported by various OpenSocial developers, and will no longer be offering it on orkut.

If you have feedback/ suggestions about this decision or need help finding an OpenSocial application with similar functionality, please feel free to post it here.


Feed lovers would have noticed the silent removal of this feature much before, but since this is a less popular feature, i am sure many users still are not aware of the news.

On an ending note, I feel orkut should probably focus on creating and introducing new and better features rather than removing some features that are their originals (not copied from Facebook). :P

What do you think? Are you annoyed with the removal of this feature? Think there’s a worse feature which should be kicked out? Spill it here! ;)

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  4 Comments on this Article.

  1. Shogun says:

    They removed it because it has been used for phishing scam.
    The same reason they removed many opensocial apps from profile front page.

  2. Victor says:

    whenever I add friends.. i cant do it.. only error message appear..{Addition of friends has been temporarily disabled.}.. So what can i do..

  3. Haider Khan says:

    i used it for sharing shared feeds in google reader…picasa albums

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