Announcing Our First Official Orkut App – Multiple Orkut Theme Generator

Multiple Theme Generator - The App

Yeah! Keeping my promise of dishing you with loads of orkut apps this year, we announce the launch of our first ever official orkut application – Multiple Orkut Theme Generator.

Note – Themes work with – Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Google Chrome.

Multiple Orkut Theme Generator – The Orkut App

Multiple Orkut Theme Generator is an Orkut Application created by Orkut Plus!. As the name very well suggests, this application will allow orkut users to create unlimited Orkut Themes in a single click.

If you have just installed our Orkut App, we recommend you to read this article – Getting Started With Multiple Orkut Theme Generator

We can understand that it can be a tedious job for the beginners and not-so-geeky orkut users to use the tool. Thus we have set up pretty definitive help section which would make sure every one can have fun with this app.

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Please leave your comments and suggestions so that our future releases can be bit more user friendly. Please RATE the orkut application on the app info page.

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  1. sourabh says:

    I’m using..orkut plus…
    And it’s very very beautiful..but..when i change my personal orkut theme ..i saw that my profile photo got invisible…Please Help..!

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