How To Completely Remove Advertisements From Orkut?

Ads on orkut

You must have noticed orkut displaying ads on profiles and orkut communities. If you hate those ads (though i would see them as the only revenue generating option Google has when Orkut comes into the radar), you can completely disable those advertisements using a small greasemonkey script we have created.

Completely Remove Orkut Ads

Done! The script should perfectly do it’s job. You wont see an ad again on Orkut Pages.

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  24 Comments on this Article.

  1. manish says:

    sir thanks for this but reason is that only not remove add column.why.

  2. manish says:

    thank’s it really removes add column.

  3. manish kumar says:

    sir its work.thnx

  4. gr8 !!
    it workz….d column disappears
    ..thnx gaurav


  5. recipes says:

    nice trick :) i am using this

  6. It works fine with Communities!

    But ads in Album still Shows up!

    Any !dea?

  7. mohit j mehta says:

    not wrkng with nwew version of orkut

  8. preeti says:

    o ji thank u very much Gaurav ji.. tussi gr8 ho.. script works… :-)

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