Kolkata Night Riders Orkut Theme For Indian and Non Indian Orkut Users

Knight Riders Orkut Theme

Almost a month back, Orkut Added a new premium orkut theme called – Nokia Night Riders for a limited time.

The time limit of the theme has already expired and the theme can vanish from the Theme Directory any minute. Thus, today we are making that theme unofficially available to everyone including Indian and Non Indian Orkut Users for an unlimited time (well..It’s a greasemonkey hack as you must have guessed already..)

Nokia – Knight Riders Orkut Theme for Everyone
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  1. Roberto says:

    tem um tenpao que to tentando e nao cosigo mais achei um maximo

  2. Ramon says:

    Olá Roberto, olhe este video, e aprenderá =D




    Hello Roberto, watch this video and learn = D


  3. azharuddin says:

    thanks for this site orkut plus

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