Coming Soon – Orkut Plus! v3.0

Ready for a Makeover?

YaY! We are coming soon with a new design. After over a year with this amazing and unique template which is really special to me, i feel it’s time to move over to a new design which in itself would take Orkut Plus! to the next level. With that i mean, everything from our posts to our cheat tools to a whole new level.

I hope you guys love the new interface and the new design. So stay tuned. Countdown has begun :)

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  4 Comments on this Article.

  1. Finally, OrkutPlus ! is getting a New Look… We are all Waiting…

    The “Whole New Level” Thing Seems Interesting. :)

    Any Guest Posts Idea ???

  2. Gagan says:

    I am eager to see the new look of OP!!

    I am confused to see the screenshot! Why you have compared this template of yours with Jassi ?

  3. Gagan says:

    I mean Ugly Betty ! Do you think this template is as ugly as Betty ?

  4. Gaurav Dua says:

    @Debajyoti – That’s a nice suggestion. I will look to add guest post option in near future or possibly in this update. :)

    @Gagan: With the picture i meant, the new design will be as good as the difference you see in the old and the new Jassi (Ugly Betty).;)

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