Awesome – Custom Orkut Toolbar Generator (Orkut App)

Yes! We are back with with a bang with our second orkut app which is amazingly awesome and very productive for every orkut user.

Orkut Toolbar Generator

Custom Orkut Toolbar Generator is our second orkut app (see our first orkut app) which will allow any orkut user to set their favorite links in the orkut navigation bar or orkut linkbar or orkut toolbar..or whatever you want to call that linky bar in a couple of clicks. :P

The app is amazing as it will not only serve orkut geeks and orkut hackers with immense customization but also the masses on orkut who are not familiar with complicated orkut customizations.

Custom Orkut Toolbar Generator – The App

Do leave your comments on what you think about this app. Suggestions and Criticism Welcomed.. :)

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  7 Comments on this Article.

  1. Daniel says:

    amazing app! but that’d resume my internet experience to log on orkut at first, and, because it shows i’m online, i would have to answer my scraps and stuff. Creates too much dependency.

  2. mohsin says:

    Hello Gaurav,
    i wanna ask one thing related to orkut apps. from 1st july we are facing problem in orkut apps comment edit section. i can see there only edit rating instead of edit comment. due to this problem i am unable to find new friends in orkut.
    can you tell me to solution ?

  3. abhi says:

    what to fill in the block enter link
    and name……

    its nt wrking for me

    • Gaurav Dua says:


      1 – In Link Block – Enter Link of the destination url.
      2 – In Name Block – Enter Short Name of The Destination.

      When you create the toolbar, you will have these short links in your orkut bar. If you still face any issues, comment and i will try to explain better…

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