‘Adding of Additional Friends Has Been Disabled’ – Details on this Issue

OrkutMany orkut users today are facing this issue where a message is displayed on their screen with the text – ‘Adding of Additional Friends Has Been Disabled‘ whenever they are sending a friend request on orkut. Today, we will try to get into detail about this block and how or when you can overcome this restriction block by orkut.

Issue – Addition of Additional Friends Has Been Disabled

The History – This situation arises when you send friend requests to many orkut users in a short span of time. For this, Mass Friend Adder probably is to blame. Yes! This restriction has been implemented after orkut users were bombed with mass unknown friend requests thanks to some of our hacks which allowed users to break the 1000 friend limit.

Though we have regularly suggested users to foolproof their orkut account against mass friend requests and also providing tools like mass pending friend requests rejector for users who have been bombed by mass friend requests, it seems like many users are facing this profile restriction rampantly.

The Present – Seems like users are still using the trick to send mass friend requests in seconds, they are perfectly placed for a restriction block which orkut has now introduced to curb mass friend requests.

Restriction – How To Avoid or Bypass this Block?
  • Avoid It – Never Send Mass Friend Requests
  • Bypass It – Proper Time Interval In-between Friend Requests. Needs a Sophisticated tool. We may consider working on it if we get enough requests and feedback on this tool.
  • Face It – Your profile will be unable to add any new friends for a week.
This Statement from Orkut Guide, Dhivya Summarizes it all..

Hi guys,

I wanted to give you all a heads-up on a new update with the “friend request” feature. All of us would have at some point received annoying friend requests from unknown users.

In order to prevent this from happening in the future, we’ll have an automatic system that will prevent certain users (based on user complaints and other signals) from sending mass friend requests. Therefore, going forward you’ll hopefully only get to receive “friend requests” from users whom you want to receive it from! Please note that this is a new feature update
and not a bug on orkut.

Note: This will cause a time-out of one week i.e, once you’re blocked,
you’ll have to wait for one week before you can send out new friend
requests. We appreciate your patience and sorry for any inconvenience.

Stay Beautiful :-)

Hope you have every clarification you need on this issue..If you have any questions or queries or want to request us to create ‘The Sophisticated Mass Friend Adder’ which would bypass this block, a comment would do.. :)

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  3 Comments on this Article.

  1. saurabh says:

    yaa….there shd be a Sophisticated Mass Friend Adder….
    m having problem in deciding whats the minimum time i shd wait before sending next friend requests

  2. Hridesh says:

    Plz plz create dis tool!!
    it will b vry useful to us :D

  3. prince says:

    hi, I dnt know abt mass frnd addition tool, I had send frnd request to 13 people individual, manually one by one, bt never knew tht orkut will block for sending only 13 frnds , I wl appreciate if u can help me 2 bypass this block, it’s really rediculous, that to send request to my known frnds, I hv 2 wait 4 a week or unknown period of time, may be.
    thnx & regards.

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