Hack – Bypass SMS Verification Restriction While Creating Mass Orkut Profiles

Now Verify Your Google Account via SMSA couple of weeks back we notified you about a great update by Google which insisted on Mobile Verification of Google Accounts when creation of multiple orkut profiles was attempted. That very update pretty much summed up the future of our Orkut Cheat Tools and Mass Orkut Profile Maker, but two weeks down the lane the scenario looks completely different. :D

Yes! We have found a way out to beat Google’s SMS Verification Nag while creating multiple profiles. The trick is pretty simple and would not require any additional expertise other than the knowledge of using our Mass Orkut Profile Maker Efficiently. If you are new, need not worry – This page has got all the details you need.

Bypassing SMS Restriction in Our Mass Orkut Profile Maker

We have added support for Socks in our profile maker. A Sock is an Internet Protocol (IP). We allow our users to add a list of socks in a sock list so that we can randomly rotate the socks and allow you to create multiple profiles using the profile maker without letting you face the sms verification nag.

So How Does this Work?

Creating a Sock List

  • Now, In the text file (proxies.txt), write socks proxies (one per line) as shown in the screenshot above. You can get a lot of proxies from Sockslist.net
  • IMPORTANT – Save the text file – proxies.txt in the directory folder where the profile maker application file is stored.
  • All Set. Now Open the Profile Maker and Choose Profile Maker [With Profile Filling]

  • Now, Go to settings and check ‘Use Proxies‘ check box. Also check other settings.
  • Follow the instructions and create your mass profiles without facing any restriction.

Please leave your comments. We would love to hear from you… :D

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  16 Comments on this Article.

  1. Dev says:

    Its not working brother. Still asks the sms verification. I have given atleast 20 proxies from socklists.net, but it still asks to verify my account with sms. Is there something which i m missing, is it possible that proxy service is blocked from my computer.
    Help me!!!!

    • Gautam says:

      After how many profile is it showing the sms verification?
      Try again with new socks…

      • Dev says:

        Its not creating a single profile. It directly asks for sms verification. M not understanding it all.
        Help Me!!!

        • Dev says:

          Working now, but cant create more than 4-5 accounts once, no matter how many proxies i enter, and had to wait for 15-20 mins to create another 4-5 accounts.
          Is this like this or should i change the proxies after creating 3-4 accounts.

          Anyway, thanx a lot for this brother. With great regards,
          Keep up ur good work.

  2. bro….itz really not understandable…specially..that..line Save the text file – proxies.txt in the directory folder where the profile maker application file is stored.plzzz….help….

    • Gautam says:

      @Rajiv Khandelwal
      For eg, if you have downloaded the profile maker and stored it to C:\ directory, then store the proxies.txt also in the C:\ Directory

  3. Paras says:

    hey thanks gaurav — i thought the fake profile era may get over,, great to make fakes again– thanks for the effort! great!

  4. alok says:

    This surely a gr8 news……….

  5. razeen says:

    how many proxy should i type in notepad

  6. Jagdeep says:

    Hi Gautam
    it’s not working.
    it asks for sms verification after creating them
    i created 12 profile approx yesterday by using proxies and now today morning i opened one profile and it will opened
    but now there r not opening even a single profile n asks for sms verification..

  7. Fandu says:

    Doesn’t Work . . . .

  8. Sabei says:

    pls expalin in a simple neat manner…and tell now dat is it currntly working ?

  9. minti says:

    o Jani it worked thx…..

  10. minti says:

    i used it to bypass the Gmail account SMS verification….. and it is working….

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