Google’s Face Recognition Comes to Orkut – Introduces Auto Tagging Feature

Google has mastered it all with it’s face recognition technology which it first introduced in it’s image search some time back and then we saw the same feature being introduced in Google’s Picasa Web Albums. Google has now integrated this facial recognition feature with your orkut albums.

Google's Face Recognition Algorithm

If you are still wondering about this feature, let me simply explain the utility – This feature will automatically tag your friends on your orkut albums thanks to Google’s artificial ‘facial recognition’ intelligence.

To speed up the tagging process, we’re launching a face detection feature on all new photos uploaded to orkut. With it, orkut is now able to automatically detect when faces appear in photos (by recognizing features like eyes, noses, mouths, etc.), but without actually identifying specific individuals.

Tags in Orkut Albums

The algorithm is not perfect, however, so things like eyeglasses, difficult lighting, poses, etc. may ‘fool’ our system from time to time. If that ever happens, rest assured that you can always tag photos as you normally would, and of course change or remove any tags that you’re unhappy with.

Anand Pillai, a Software Engineer at Google explains this feature and the bugs you may possibly find in detail on the official orkut blog.

Tell us what you think about this feature…

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