Mass Profile Maker Faces Serious Restriction – SMS Verification Now Mandatory

Orkut has introduced a new update which will hinder creation of mass orkut profiles. This means that one of our popular softwares - Mass Orkut Profile Maker‘s future looks in jeopardy.

Mass Orkut Profile Maker by Orkut Plus!

You can read release notes by Orkut Help on this update.

Note – We have updated our policies and terms of service for users who use our Mass Orkut Profile Maker. Please read our updated terms before you use this tool.

Looks like we are done with the cheating and lying in Orkut polls and contests? Orkut now makes SMS verification mandatory once your create 8 Orkut Profiles on traught. So does it sound a warning bell? No more cheat tools on orkut?

Happy Moment :D give you a happy moment – We have already found a workaround for this restriction. :D
We will be posting the hack to bypass SMS verification message only after we have released the most awaited orkut tool this season – Scrap All Friends Deluxe v2.0 With Captcha Support ;)

So Never Loose Hope when Orkut Plus! is there.. :P Stay tuned..we have too much in store for you guys.. :)

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  1. This a great news Now. all the hoxe account will be removed from orkut. Gre8…

  2. Daman says:

    waitin 4 dis tool desperately

  3. Dev says:

    hey brother, m desparetely waiting for this. I need to win a poll which will end at 31st july. so, plz if u can, post this hack before 31st. with great regards and thanx to u all.
    Keep up ur great work.

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  5. ayushi says:

    i dont get valid verification no.
    so, pls tel me what can i do?

  6. sugam says:

    i dont get verification no. pls tell me what can do

  7. roox says:

    como eu faço pra deixar esse site em Português ?

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